Why hate watching feels good but can be harmful (2023)

Hate watching is when we look at things just to mock them, and while it can make us grin in the short term, are we feeding in negativity that can affect our well-being?

Hate-watching usually refers to the practice of watching a television show or film that we find horrible because of its content or subject matter.We watch Criticize, ridicule, and belittle the show or the film's failures. The term is closely associated with the anti-fan movement, where shows can create a network of fans who hate it but still watch it because of the feelings of possible joy and bonding with other haters that this activity brings can.

Perhaps the term is an evolution of the "bad is good" concept. We probably all get a little pleasure from watching old movies whose effects and acting might not live up to today's productions, butHate watching specifically relates to content, language, stereotypes and relationships. For example, while laughing at what we think is a bad show, we may find that it helps us feel better, but we need to be careful that these experiences of finding fault don't spill over into other areas of our lives, where we may begin to ridicule and criticize other people and situations in our lives where this may not be valid or appropriate.

Hate-watching is an activity at the end of the bad-is-good spectrum, and the clue is in its name — it can be an activity that incites hate. Hate is a very powerful emotion and one we should protect.

Why hate watching feels good but can be harmful (1)

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An example of hate watching

Why hate watching feels good but can be harmful (2)

Hate-watching is a real ongoing trend, especially among younger viewers who grew up watching digital streaming services.

An example that regularly comes up when discussing hate-watching is the Netflix show Emily in Paris. The show has been heavily criticized on social media platforms. Still, it's one of Netflix's most popular shows, with almost viewership8 times higherthan the average US TV series, with seasons 3 and 4 recently confirmed.

The show has had numerous complaints about stereotypes, including a caricature of a Ukrainian woman that Paris-based creator Eugenia Havrylko called a "cheap trick" and a "disgrace". Some concerns about hate-watching, as we will discuss later, are suchStereotypes can permeate a person's psyche and become part of their own perspective.

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Why do we enjoy hate-watching?

Why hate watching feels good but can be harmful (3)

You might not have thought that something that makes you cringe would bring joy, so it's worth taking a look at the psychology of why we love to hate.

  1. AStudy 2017suggests that hate can make us feel good. Any kind of strong emotion causes a reaction in our body and mind. However, other studies suggest that hate is not good for us at allOnline-Hassharms us too.
  2. happiness hormones:Neurotransmitter, knows fromserotonin, dopamine and oxytocinare released into our brain when weexperience pleasure.So even the love of hate may seem positive to us.
  3. Hate watching can pull us out of our situation. We could use it asa form of escapism. It may be entirely understandable, not only in terms of our own personal trials, but in light of the pandemic news of recent years,climate change, and war, for example.
  4. People like to compare. When we watch series and movies, we often compare the characters' lives to ours, their choices to what we could do, etc. This can make us feel better or worse as we face our insecurities. When we feel superior, we may get a high from it, which is why watching hate can feel comfortable.
  5. One can hatebonding experience. If you've seen a really bad show, you can easily go online, see what others have said, and add your views.

Why hate-watching might not be good for us

Why hate watching feels good but can be harmful (4)

As mentioned earlier, hate-watching is a move away from just noticing the pitfalls of what you may be seeing. It's one morecritical process where you start judging and condemning. We have to ask ourselves how healthy this can be, especially if it's a pattern of behavior that we repeat and perhaps easily become obsessed with. Others can judgenegative effectson your own health, including inhibiting personality growth, isolates us from others and makes you more self-critical.

Do we really want to engage in experiences that make us angry? And what about our time and how do we spend it? There are questions we should ask ourselves so that we don'trisk disrupting our mental health and our attitude towards others and the world around us. Think again about the power of hate, even how the word makes you feel. It's very negative and might leak outside of your viewing habits. So when you find yourself hating, especially when you're feeling down or miserable, it might be high time for a change.

How do we know if hate watching has adverse effects?

  1. Maybe you've seen a show once or a few times and didn't like it, but it pulled you back there so you couldcriticize or mock. Now it hurts your brain just to put it on but you are addicted to the feelings it gives you even if you resent it or it annoys you.What you can do:Turn it off or find something you really like in terms of content and ideas. Don't poison your mind. Or go and do something different, something that will inspire or positively affect you.
  2. You find yourself picking up on some of the show's ideas, stereotypes, or phrases that hurt or mock others in your life. It can be easyaccept the opinion of others, maybe even without noticing it at first.What you can do:remember whoOfAre. You can engage in positive practices andaffirmationsfor you and yoursLover.
  3. It becomes an addiction. You begin to withdraw from real life, into a virtual world filled with negativity, mockery, sarcasm, and hatred.What you can do:Let go. Don't let negativity win. Step away from the TV and ask what you win. Make a list of how this behavior makes you feel. Participate in someself love– go for a walk, meet up with friends, meditate or take a nice bath. We seem to have found ourselves in a culture where we value the black box above many other things. Remember the other things that are out there.

Why hate watching feels good but can be harmful (5)

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    From hate to love

    Why hate watching feels good but can be harmful (6)

    Hate-watching may seem like a fun pastime, and for some it might beoccasional indulgencefor some of the reasons previously mentioned, but it could become aunhealthy addiction. If hate-watching makes you hateful, depressed, or overly critical, then it's time to turn the tables.

    Do onedigital detoxand take a break from TV and social media for a while while you reset your ideals or find things to watch that prioritize joy, passion, creativity and love. So why not turn hate-watching into love-watching and share the positive results with your peer group? Grab your friends and popcorn and watch something that makes you all feel wonderful for more compassionate reasons.

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