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Finding the ancient chest in The Shroudbreaker can be tricky! This guide will help you understand how to find it.

In part one of The Shroudbreaker Tall Tale guide we took a look at how to start and find the questMagpie's Wing Schiffslogbuch,is located on the island N13. Unfortunately, that was the easiest part of the quest, and things get a little more complicated from here. Now we need to find the Ancient Chest, which could be in one of several locations!

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sea ​​of ​​thieves | Shroudbreaker Tall Tale | Find the Ancient Chest

before we startWe will inform you that this guide will only cover how to find the ancient chest. For the rest of Tall Tale instructions, see the other parts of the guide listed below.

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The Ancient Chest can be found in the water on the shallow shores of a random island. You'll find that after you've completed this Tall Tale and voted to perform it again, this time it'll likely be on a different island than where you find it! We assume that the developers of the game wanted to add replayability to these Tall Tales. One of the awards for all Tall Tales is completing them 5 times, so you'll surely notice that as you go through them.

That being said, we're still left with the question of where to find the Ancient ChestThePlay through. Unfortunately, it's impossible to tell you exactly where the Ancient Chest is. Despite this, we can certainly explain how to follow the instructions in the book to find it!

Step One: Understand the instructions

How to Find the Ancient Chest in Sea of ​​Thieves | Shroudbreaker Tall Tale (1)

The pages you obtained by finding the Ship's Log in the previous guide have descriptions of the islands along the path the Magpie's Wing took to escape the Burning Blade. These descriptions are somewhat vague and unfortunately rarely provide the exact names of the islands. The only exception to this is the ship's exit point, where the Burning Blade began chasing them.

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The good thing about this guide is that you don't have to follow the path of the Magpie's Wing on your boat. Instead, you can track their most prominent locations on your ship's map to see where they ended their journey. Below are some helpful hints while attempting to determine the location of the Ancient Chest.

  • The island in each next step is generally near the island in the step you are currently on.This means once you've found your starting point (and the island at each subsequent step), look at the islands surrounding the one you're currently looking at on the map. As such, you will rarely, if ever, look more than two or three map blocks away to find the nearest location.
  • Pay attention to the cardinal points.The directions listed on the map will not only give you a general idea of ​​where to look on the map, but they are also crucial in determining the exact location of the Ancient Chest on the island it is located on. If reading the instructions says they threw the chest overboard, you'll find the Ancient Chest on the island associated with this step.
  • Some islands have description links.The steps in the ship's log contain some key terms to help you determine the ship's path. The following list includes some of them.
    • Fortified Island:These areforts. Look for nearby islands known as Fortresses. Fortress locations usually have defenses that skeletons use to keep you from getting onto the island.
    • Inselkette:This probably refers to Snake Island. If you see this described in the ship's log, assume this step will take you to Snake Island, and work your way from there to the final location.
    • Island with high arches:This is Thieves Haven.
    • Small flat islands:This is Old Salts Atoll.
    • Great Tangle Nest of Islands:This is Shark Bait Cove.

Below is an example of how to follow the path shown in the ship's log in the image above. As mentioned, you don't actually have to sail to these places. Instead, simply follow the map to determine where the Ancient Chest was thrown overboard.

How to Find the Ancient Chest in Sea of ​​Thieves | Shroudbreaker Tall Tale (2)

The steps in your ship's log differ from those shown above. Since the ship's path is randomly chosen for each instance of The Great Fairy Tale, you'll have to work out the path points yourself based on the instructions provided. Once you've followed the instructions in your ship's log and are sure you have the right location, you mustSail to this islandand get ready to swim!

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Step Two: Swim for the Antique Chest

Since it was thrown overboard, the final location of the Ancient Chest will not be on land. Unfortunately, this means you'll have to swim in the island's shallow waters. Following the listed compass directions is crucial as it will significantly reduce the area to search. If the logbook doesn't tell you which part of the island it was thrown overboard, you need to consider the direction the Magpie's Wing sailed from the previous island.

How to Find the Ancient Chest in Sea of ​​Thieves | Shroudbreaker Tall Tale (3)

In the example shown above, we can see that the Ancient Chest is on the coast of the [x] part of the island since that is the direction of the previous island. Here we share our ship and dive into the water.


Similar to determining which island the Ancient Chest is on, we can't tell you exactly where on the island it will be either. Because of this, you need to search thoroughly andKeep your eyes peeled for the shiny white glitter on the chest. It is not always easy to see and is often found camouflaged by large plants or behind rocks. If you keep swimming and looking, you will usually find it within 5-10 minutes. If it takes you longer, consider the possibility that you didn't follow directions correctly or that you are on the wrong part of the island.

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How to Find the Ancient Chest in Sea of ​​Thieves | Shroudbreaker Tall Tale (4)

The image above is an example of what it might appear to you when searching for the Ancient Chest. While you're searching, you should also keep an eye out for sharks. If you spend too much time in open water, they can spawn and swim towards you to attack you. They can kill you quickly, so be ready to fight if you see one! Heal yourself when you take damage, then dive down and keep searching! One final tip for finding the chest: it's generally within 40 feet of the mainland. So if you find yourself swimming into deep water, you've probably gone too far.

Once you get the chest, you can take it back to the ship. Inside you will find extra pages for your Tall Tale book and a totem. This totem will determine where to find the Ancient Vault, which we'll cover in our next guide: Ancient Vault Locations & Solutions Guide.

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Where is the chest in Tall Tale? ›

The Ancient Chest can be found almost anywhere. However, it has been most commonly found at: Paradise Spring, Snake Island, Devil's Ridge, Lookout Point, Chicken Isle, Fools Lagoon, and Cutlass Cay.

Where is the ancient chest? ›

Vault of the Ancients

The chest can be found on: Chicken Isle, Cutlass Cay, Devil's Ridge, Fools Lagoon, Lookout Point or Snake Island.

Where is ancient chest chicken isle? ›

Chicken Isle is a small island shaped like a drumstick, located within the region of The Ancient Isles at coordinate I-16.

How do you complete a Tall Tale in sea of thieves? ›

Once you reach an outpost, head into the local tavern and search the back of the room for the Mysterious Stranger. Sitting beside the Mysterious Stranger, on top of a barrel, will be a journal titled the Shroudbreaker. Approach the book and choose to “Vote For Tall Tale” to begin the Shroudbreaker voyage.

Where are the chest for the legendary storyteller? ›

Look at the outskirts of the island and you should see a rock and next to it a tiny bit of a ship's mast is sticking out of the water. This is the location of the shipwreck. Go way down deep and you'll see the chest among the wreckage.

What is the code in Tall Tale? ›

Their Code of the West is nice: "Respect the land, defend the defenseless, and don'tcha never spit in front of women and children." Hear! Hear!

How much is the chest of the ancients worth? ›

You can sell the Chest of Ancient Tributes to the Gold Hoarders or Reaper's Bones for about 3,600 Gold. Selling the chest will also progress your commendation needed to acquire the new sails that Larinna is selling!

Where is the mysterious chest? ›

The mysterious chest is an item which you can get from the new workshop workers in Calpheon: Brahm, Boltz, and Alcott. You can get these chests either by buying them from Boltz for 10 million silver (100g gold bar) or by completing daily quests to get them.

How do I get Athena chest? ›

The Regular Chests are dug up as final rewards for Athena's Fortune Voyages and Athena's Fortune Emissary Quests. They have a rare chance to be dug up during the Athena's Run of Thieves' Haven. They can also be found inside the Vault of a finished Fort of the Damned (Raid) and the new Fort of Fortune vault.

How do I find the chest in the island? ›

Players can use a treasure map to help locate buried treasure in the Hub, Slime Island, Maple Isles, Spirit Island, Pirate Island, Buffalkor Island, Wizard Island, or Desert Island, marked with a red 'X' on the map. Players would then have to use a stone shovel or Christmas shovel to dig up the treasure.

Are Tall Tales worth it Sot? ›

It is 100% worth it. Take it from someone who has actual willpower to complete and interesting story full of tricks and traps and fights and mazes and puzzles and paths.

What is the most fun Tall Tale in Sea of Thieves? ›

1 Lords Of The Sea

Considering the production quality of "A Pirate's Life," it is fitting that the grand finale of the tall tale series is the best part. This quest will involve a lot of combat, so be prepared to take on a plethora of enemies.

How do you unlock cursed rogue in Tall Tale? ›

You cannot begin The Cursed Rogue Tall Tale without first completing The Shroudbreaker Tall Tale. After completing The Shroudbreaker Tall Tale, head to Plunder Outpost. Once there, talk to the Order of Souls representative, Madame Olivia, and then interact with the book to the left of her.

Why is the legendary storyteller Tall Tale locked? ›

You cannot complete or even begin this Tall Tale without first completing The Cursed Rogue Tall Tale. After completing The Cursed Rogue Tall Tale, head to the Ancient Spire Outpost and talk to Tasha, the Tavern Woman.

How do you unlock Tall Tale 7? ›

The Fate of the Morningstar is the seventh Tall Tale in the Shores of Gold arc. It is acquired from the Ferryman on the Ferry of the Damned. The tale is unlocked after completing The Legendary Storyteller, Stars of a Thief, Wild Rose and The Art of the Trickster.

Can you steal Tall Tale items? ›

Tall Tale Treasures

They can be stolen by other pirates. Without checkpoints, if such a treasure were lost or stolen, you would need to start the Tall Tale over from the beginning. With checkpoints, you can use your saved checkpoint and those items will reappear on your voting table.

Why is my Tall Tale locked for voting? ›

This Tale is locked until players have completed the previous Fate of the Morningstar Tale. If they wish to continue the Tall Tale at a later time, they can vote on any acquired Checkpoints at the Voyage Table.

What is the rarest chest in Sea of Thieves? ›

The Box of Wondrous Secrets is one of the Treasure Chests in Sea of Thieves. It is the rarest Treasure in the game.

What loot is in ancient city? ›

Listed below are all the loot you can find and the odds of you finding it in the Ancient City for the Bedrock version: Amethyst Shard: 1-15 (23.2% chance of dropping) Backed Potato:1-10 (54.9% chance of dropping) Bone: 1-15 (35.9% chance of dropping)

How do I get the ancient vault key? ›

Treasure Vault Keys can be acquired during Wayfinder Voyages by using the Golden Wayfinder to find Torn Map Parchments and piecing together a Torn Map which will show the location of the buried Treasure Vault Key.

Are ancients rarer than legendary? ›

Cookie Run: Kingdom players are aware that cookies in the game are available in five rarities: Common, Rare, Epic, Ancient, and Legendary. The lowest rarity being Common, and the highest being Ancient and Legendary.

Are ancients rarer than Legendaries? ›

Currently, there are only 2 Ancient cookies and 1 Legendary Cookies, which means Legendaries are rarer than Ancients. And just one Legendary have 0,362% chance.

What is the best loot in Sea of Thieves? ›

All Loot and Treasure in Sea of Thieves
LootTypeBest Emissary to Turn It Into
Chest of a Thousand GrogsCursed ChestGold Hoarders
Chest of Ancient TributesStandard ChestGold Hoarders
Chest of the DamnedStandard ChestGold Hoarders
Skeleton Captain's ChestStandard ChestGold Hoarders
72 more rows
May 12, 2021

Where is Briggsy's chest? ›

Briggsy's Chest is obtained during the The Legendary Storyteller Tall Tale.

What do I do with the chest of the everlasting sorrow Tall Tale? ›

The Chest of Everlasting Sorrow can be sold to: Hoarders stationed at Gold Hoarders tents on Outposts for Gold and Gold Hoarders Reputation and Emissary Value (if sailing as a Gold Hoarders Emissary)

How do you complete a Tall Tale 5 times? ›

You need to find and read 5 different books spread on islands you will plunder during the tall tale to unlock the 5 commendations, which will grant you the second reward.

How do you open the chest of ancient tributes? ›

Any Players wishing to find these vaults and access them can go on a Wayfinder Voyage to locate a Treasure Vault Key by the use of a Torn Map pieced together by Parchments, which in turn have to be located with the use of a Golden Wayfinder Compass.


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