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11 Ginger Snap Cookie Brands, Worst to Best Rated - The Daily Meal (1)


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You may associate ginger cookies with the holidays. However, ginger pods can be a delightful cookie all year round. They are essentially a thinner and crunchier version of a gingerbread cookie baked a little longer. Not only are ginger schnapps cookies considered a healthier cookie option over many cookies, but they're also a decadent and sweet treat with just enough crunch. There are dozens of options out there. So how do you decide which are the best?

You could spend hours of your valuable time reading all the reviews to see which are the best. Or you can save time and read our recommendations below. We've done the work for you by going through the brand options for ginger schnapps cookies and cataloging their characteristics. This way you can find the perfect one no matter what makes you a ginger schnapps fanatic.

Do you like your ginger pods hard and crunchy? Or do you prefer them on the tougher side? Would you like something flavored only with ginger, or are you looking for some molasses as well? Do you require gluten free? Prefer organic? No matter what you're looking for, we probably have something for you to try.

11. Nabisco

Nabisco Ginger Snaps might be easy to find, but they're at the bottom of our list for a reason. This brand's Ginger Snap Cookie doesn't seem all that impressive underneathAmazonasCustomers. Reviews are mixed but we cannot ignore the negative things being said about this cookie. Some customers say that not only are Nabisco's ginger schnapps cookies way overpriced, but the recipe has changed for the worse.

Nabisco Ginger Snaps are available at most grocery stores, major department stores, and online retailers. However, this is possibly the best that can be said about these cookies. Although they do have a taste, the description as ginger is debatable. These cookies taste more like sugar than the tangy sweetness you'd expect from a ginger schnapps. Not to mention that they are tough and rather small compared to other brands. One Amazon reviewer described the cookie as "[tastes] weird." So if you see these on your next shopping spree, it might be in your best interest to move on and go with another cookie instead.

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10. Trader Joes

Trader Joe's is a wonderland of produce, especially around the holidays when people are most likely to be looking for ginger-flavored cookies. But unless you're one of those people who only enjoy snaps once a year, you can rest easy knowing that Trader Joe's offers its Triple Ginger Snaps year-round. These tiny cookies come in tubs and have crystallized ginger and a pleasant bite, according to reviewersinfluencer. The crystallized ginger gives these cookies a sweeter flavor than traditional varieties.

You can also find these cookies on Amazon, where customers have expressed mixed feelings about them. Many common complaints described the cookies as "expensive", "hard" and "stale". While some positive things are said about the cookie, those sentiments don't align with what we'd expect from a quality ginger schnapps. Many reviewers reported that the cookies arrived broken or smashed, rightly putting them at the bottom of our list. We love Trader Joe's as much as the next person, but these cookies are better off staying on the shelves. Even the ones in the store aren't the best ginger pods out there. First of all, they're not worth making a special trip to pick them up, so let's move on.

9. Tate's Bakery

The original Tate's Bake Shop still exists where it was founded in Southampton, New York. Of course, you can now find his cookies at most grocery and major department stores. Like most of the other cookies on this list, they are also available from Amazon. Tate's Gingersnap Cookies are limited editions, historically only available during the winter holidays.

Despite the countless people who head to the Hamptons to see where it all began, this brand of ginger schnapps treats has received mixed reviews. While the brand promises a blend of ginger, molasses, and crunchy texture in each treat, one reviewer called the limited-edition Gingersnap Cookies "regrettable," saying, "They're crunchy but taste more like a bug" (viaAmazonas).

Another ginger-heavy option from Tate's, Ginger Zingers, fared better with reviewers, but only marginally, and many disapproved of these biscuits' high price. Just below$27 for 4 of Tate's 7 ounce bags, they are quite expensive for a cookie with mixed customer reviews. If you're a fan of the brand, this might be worth a look, but some reviews complain about their "harder, crunchier" texture and larger "ginger chunks." Keep these off your shopping cart if you're looking for a genuine, high-quality ginger schnapps.

8. My-Del

11 Ginger Snap Cookie Brands, Worst to Best Rated - The Daily Meal (5)



The Mi-Del brand of Ginger Snaps Ginger Flavored Cookies uses organic flour and cane sugar and comes in regular and gluten-free varieties. Even though the brand has multiple five-star reviews, we'll still be sharing these cookies. Compared to the other offerings on this list, the satisfaction isn't there. While the majority of customers raved about the taste and that the low-calorie cookie was "more than enough to satisfy sweet cravings," others were disappointed with the brand (perAmazonas).

Some reviewers felt let down by the brand, which has been around for quite some time, and several bemoaned a recipe change that left it bland and with subpar ingredients. Rather than actually using ginger and molasses like they used to, current versions of these cookies have "gone the molasses, replaced with 'organic caramel coloring' (burnt sugar). The ginger is gone, replaced with ginger flavor.”

These also miss the mark in the crispiness category. While some cookies tend to be considered too soft and others too hard, these scored somewhere in the middle, but not in a good way. As a reviewer furtherHookexplains, "They're on the borderline between chewy and crunchy... so neither nor both." In other words, this brand of ginger pod has the texture of a stale ginger pod.

7. Pepperidge-Farm

You can find thesePepperidge bauernhofDelicious Gingerman Ginger Cookies are available at most stores year-round, but they're dressed up in red sugar instead of the traditional white for the holidays. They're not the snappiest of ginger pods, and come in somewhere around medium firm. They're undeniably ginger-flavored cookies, but maybe not so much ginger beans.

While most customers enjoy the ginger flavor of these cookies, they're not the most intense. So if you're looking for a biscuit with a twist, chances are you'll be fed up with it. They can also rub some people the wrong way with their layer of sugar. Not everyone likes super cute cookies. And while one reviewer pointed out that "the sugar on top isn't too sweet but can be rubbed off easily" (perWalmart), as a cookie consumer, you may not be interested in that kind of hassle.

These cookies seem to be trying to get the best of both worlds by sprinkling the layer of sugar most commonly associated with soft molasses cookies onto a hard variety of ginger cookies. But these treats might be trying a little too hard. They don't deliver as traditionallygingerbread men. They're also a little too sweet and not soft enough to be a molasses cookie, but not firm enough to really be considered a ginger schnapps either. Considering all of this, we couldn't place this one much higher on our list.

6. Annas

Anna's Ginger Cookies are crunchy, sweet, and tangy—they're reminiscent of a homemade cookie, too. They're a strain to take with you on trips through regional airports and make a great gift to take home on your next trip abroad, but you don't have to go that far to get them. They are easy to find in grocery stores, major department stores, and online retailers.

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With a few exceptions, everyone liked their crunch and flavor, which puts them slightly higher on our list. OneAmazon Reviewersaid the cookies were "thin but packed with ginger flavor". Another said they were very similar to what a Swedish friend made from scratch to make it more festive" (viaA trillion).

Despite all the satisfied customers, this treat doesn't quite resemble a real Ginger Snap. AAmazonasOne reviewer stated that these cookies seemed to "lack real ginger flavor," and another complained that the ginger flavor was "too bland." A lack of ginger flavor seemed to be the general consensus for these cookies, which spells it out a bit further down our list.

5. Stauffers

Stauffer's Ginger Snaps are almost on par with Anna's Ginger Snaps in terms of overall quality. However, these appear to have a slightly more authentic ginger schnapps flavor, which takes them a step further. Aside from many customers' complaints about cracked cookies, these cookies were just incredibly hard. As we said, the taste has earned them a higher spot in our ranking, but if you can't eat them without putting a lot of effort into the bite, are they worth it?

LikeAmazon reviewer commented, "These biscuits have an excellent taste, but they are so crunchy that they are difficult to bite and even difficult to break in two." There were also other reviews from customers who expressed that these biscuits are "old" and a challenge to chew or enjoy were. These are a decent option if you have some milk or coffee to soften, but others better balance the hard/soft ratio and have a spicier punch.

4. Sweetzels

MostAmazonasReviewers approved of Sweetzel's Ginger Snaps cookies, with many giving the brand a five-star rating. And the reason these cookies aren't at the top of the list is because of the texture. While one review described these as "crunchy biscuits with the perfect amount of spice," others recommended dunking them in coffee or tea to soften them up a bit and not be as harsh on your teeth. A more creative customer suggested pairing these with pumpkin dip to perfectly soften them (viainfluencer).

However, a ginger schnapps biscuit should not only be sweet and crunchy, it should also be able to rise without too much effort. While many liked that this brand's ginger pods were thick like a traditional cookie, the thickness makes them hard rather than snappy. And not everyone thought they had as much flavor as they would like. One complained that "there wasn't any gingersnap, although there was ginger in the waffle." If you're looking for the best ginger snap cookies, these come close, but they're not.

3. Dewey's Bakery

11 Ginger Snap Cookie Brands, Worst to Best Rated - The Daily Meal (10)

Dewey's Bakery

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Dewey's Bakery is an East Coast establishment that definitely deserves to be in the top three of this list. They don't have as many mixed reviews as others on our list, with the majority of customers praising the brand.indicatethat they are "crunchy, refreshing, delightful biscuits". Both were highly rated on Dewey's own website and on Amazon.

The Triple Ginger Cookies are made from candied, pureed and ground gingerReviewer on Dewey's websiteloved them and said "these super ginger things are mind blowingly amazing" and claimed they would give them 15 stars if they could. In fact, the biggest complaint about these cookies was that "the ginger was too harsh." Both complaints might not be a bad thing, according to the negative reviews of some other cookie brands that lacked the ginger flavor and weren't crunchy enough.

While these cookies are certainly delicious and have a large following, they still lack the real ginger schnapps feel and flavor that we're looking for. Don't get us wrong, the quality and flavor are there, but something about the cookies makes us want just a little more spice.

2. Nyaker

Nyakers' Sweet and Spicy Gingersnap Cookies are a hit with reviewers, taking number two in this ranking for a number of reasons. The Swedish company that makes them has been using the same recipe since 1952, but don't worry, you don't have to travel to Sweden to get these - they're available at Amazon, Cost Plus World Market, and The Vermont Country Store, to name just a few US - to name providers.

While many said buying a tin of this was an annual holiday cookie tradition for the season. What sets these cookies apart from the rest is that their reviews are lavish with compliments on their taste, texture, and packaging. The biscuits also have an excellent crunchy texture that makes for a perfect crunchy bite every time. Something about this recipe also allows for the best flavor combination of a ginger pod we've tried yet.

Reviewer fromVermont Country Storewebsite were almost all fans, giving them almost a full five-star rating - describing the biscuits as "light and crunchy but withstands being dunked in hot tea". Another reviewer onAmazonaswent so far as to claim that these cookies were the "best ginger schnapps on the market." While these cookies are delicious and have everything you could want in a ginger snap, we still couldn't put them on the top spot as they're not widely available in most major department and grocery stores. And while they can be found online, not everyone wants to pay shipping or wait a few days to get them. If only they were a little easier to find in person, these might have won the ranking.

1. Archway

Archway's selection of ginger snaps is number two on our list for a number of reasons. For one, this brand has incredible ratings that have remained consistent over the years – onwardAmazonasthey alone have over 14,000 reviews. This number of reviews is hard to ignore considering how much higher it is compared to other brands that have a few hundred to a few thousand reviews. Not only do they have many reviews, but this brand's satisfaction rating is unlike most ginger schnapps cookies we've been able to find.

While there were other brands that took home prizes for their cookies, we couldn't bring ourselves to include them in the list due to the price points and lack of accessibility. This is where Archway stands out. The Gingersnap Cookies are accessible, reasonably priced, made with quality ingredients, have a perfectly crunchy texture, and a Ginger Snap flavor that's hard to beat. So if you're looking for the perfect ginger snap, look no further.

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